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Spousal Maintenance and Related Financial Laws

Last month I updated you on the changes occurring to the custody laws.  The 2015 legislature decided that the changes to the laws on custody were not the only laws that needed a shining (See e-blog on 2015 Changes to Custody Laws, dated June 25).  They also decided that some financial laws related primarily to […]

Custody Law Overhaul – Biggest Changes In 30 Years

2015 Changes to Custody Laws The Minnesota legislature made huge changes to the laws governing custody and the laws take effect August 1, 2015. The changes endeavor to bring Minnesota custody law into the 21st century.   Among these are changes to the “best interest standards” (Minn.Stat.§518.17).   These are the factors used by custody evaluators to […]

Sterling v. Stiviano – Gold Diggers Need Not Shake in their Booties

In March 2015 Rochelle Sterling, as the wife of Donald Sterling, sued V. Stiviano alleging that Ms. Stiviano had received community property in excess of $2.6 million without Mrs. Sterling’s knowledge and consent.  She asked that Ms. Stiviano be ordered to return what she received from Mr. Sterling.  Ms. Stiviano declined to return the assets.  […]