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What is Arbitration? Arbitration is a process in which a person, called an Arbitrator, is presented with a set of facts. The format and process in which the facts are presented is usually agreed upon prior to the process being commenced. The arbitrator makes a decision based on the facts that are presented. Parenting Consultants appointed […]

What is Mediation and How Does it Work?

Learn what mediation is, how it works and all the different types of ways it can be used during a divorce. For more information call 952-835-4070 today.

Early Neutral Evaluations

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a type of ADR by which divorcing parties can obtain a neutral opinion of what the potential outcome might be in trial.

Consensual Special Magistrates

The Consensual Magistrates are privately retained individuals who are used for trials. It is a form of arbitration. Most typically consensual special magistrates are used in cases where one or both of the parties are public figures or celebrities, and/or where there is high income and/or complex assets.

Collaborative and Cooperative Law

Collaborative and cooperative law are not forms of alternative dispute resolution, although they are argued to be forms of ADR by the attorneys who use the processes as their primary practice of law. Collaborative and cooperative law are included under the umbrella of alternative dispute resolution for this website because each process endeavors to obtain settlement agreements in a format other than the traditional format of litigation.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: A New Trend in the Future of Family Law

The use of litigation, for years the only means of resolving disputes, is no longer favored as the line of first defense in cases especially when children are involved, whether in a case of marriage dissolution or paternity.