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Child Support Collection in Minnesota

Child support can be collected directly by the parent to whom it is paid, or it can be collected on behalf of the parent by the Child Support Enforcement Division.

Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) in Minnesota

Minnesota law calls for a bi-annual Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) on all child support awards in order to maintain value based on the rate of inflation.

Divorce and Day Care Costs in Minnesota

The law provides for the payment of child care support when the custodial parent works or is going to school, that both parents contribute to the cost of daycare that enables the custodial parent to work and/or attend school.

Divorce, Child Support and Uninsured Medical Expenses in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the law states that in addition to child support, the court can determine who will provide for the uninsured medical expenses of the children.

Minnesota Child Support Guidelines

In Minnesota child support is paid using a guideline formula based on the number of minor children and the net income of the person who pays child support.

Who Pays for College After a Divorce in Minnesota?

Minnesota doesn’t require parents to contribute to the college education of their children, but parents may agree to do so in the settlement of their divorce.