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For Better or Worse

Considering marriage counseling? Most couples base their therapist choice on insurance coverage and location only instead of interviewing multiple people. Couples in crisis can solve many of the problems that threaten their partnerships. What they need to realize, however, is that making things work isn’t always easy.

The Shrink Rap

Exactly what happens in a therapist’s office? Years of navel-gazing introspection on a couch, like Woody Allen in Annie Hall? A quick-as-wink diagnosis from a wittier-than-thou psychiatrist like TV’s favorite shrink-jock, Frasier Crane? Or a groovy, avant-garde therapist who’s crazier than his patients, á la Ally McBeal? Therapy 101: Twin Cities therapists talk about what to expect from your time on the couch. Learn how it works and if therapy is the right option for you.